We Need A New Name


Over the last few years I've had some conversations with people about what to call your boyfriend or girlfriend after a few years of being together. If you're living together it is pretty much like you're married, but there i....

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It's Crush Time


When designing this card I started to think about what it was like to be 15 again. Teen crushes, waiting for phone calls, secret diaries, 10 pens and looking a bit dorkward. Overgrown eyebrows, long socks and faded '80s flora....

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What We Would Get Each Other For Valentine's Day (If We Bothered With Gifts)


With Valentine's Day next week we had a bit of a think about what we would get each other as a gift. We don't usually bother with gifts and sometimes make handmade cards if we remember.Gareth said he would get me these soaps ....

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Your Old Self At Tinning Street


Last Friday night we went to the opening of Your Old Self at Tinning Street in Brunswick. I found out about it after Madeleine Stamer put a picture of the invite up on her Instagram account and I realised the gallery (which i....

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Nice Tan


When you are creating things it is always important to get feedback from other people during the creative process. The only problem is often when you're in the middle of creating you 'baby' your emotional brain isn't too good....

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