When You Were A Teenager Did You Have The 'Tude Of 1000 Cats?


Question: When you were a teenager did you have the 'tude of 1000 cats? I think I did, but I never had any 'tude with my pet cats. Our cat Bubsy has the 'tude look down to a fine art and I often look at her and think WHY IS....

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What Is The Cat's Most Admired Skill?


Cats have many skills but prehaps their most admired is their ability to find a precarious place to sleep while still looking utterly comfortable. I love finding them perched somewhere, looking like they a....

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Six Things Every Cat Lover Understands


Think about all the delightful things that exist in the world. I bet patting a kitty belly is right up there with the best of the best. The fur on a belly is so soft and when a cat lets you touch them they are basicall....

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The Six Types Of Cats You Meet On Your Walk


If you're anything like me then the highlight of walking around town is spotting cats. We know we are not the only ones, there is a Facebook group dedicated to the activity and points can be won for the best cat spots. Intern....

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