Hello Sunshine!


I'm one of those annoying people that complain as soon as the weather gets below 20 degrees. Gareth always tells me to harden up because where he comes from 20 degrees is a heat wave. So when we found out we were going to Bri....

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Dear Terry Wogan


So this weekend is Eurovision weekend. All this talk of Eurovision made me realise that there are probably no cards out there that are Eurovision based, so I decided to make one. Coming up with the outfits was rather exciting....

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Pussy Bows And Turtle Necks


With a few of our cards we have a boy and a girl version of the same card. Our Mix Tape, Massive Crush and Amazing Race cards have always had a boy and a girl version and we have future plans to make sure we have both a boy a....

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Little Paper Lane


If you live on the northern beaches of Sydney a lovely new paper boutique has opened up in Mona Vale. Little Paper Lane is located on Pittwater Road and judging by the picture, it is one of those shops that are full of things....

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Is That Kima, Bunk And Mcnulty?


We have all been in this situation. A friend goes for a trip overseas and needs to off load all their stuff and you are there, willing to lend a hand. A hand which means:-wok that is better than the one you are currently usin....

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Wow Of A Time!


Last year my friend Bridget threw a party that was one of the best parties I've been to. The theme for the party was board games and the house was full of all sorts of games, including the Harry Potter Levitation Game. There....

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Dan Aykroyd Would Be Proud


Coming up to winter is the time when everyone gets sick. Twitter and Facebook feeds are full of people talking head colds, chest colds, runny noses and blocked sinus. Gareth and I often seem to escape the sickness and I put i....

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I'm A Survivor


With the finale of Survivor just airing in the US a few hours ago, I'm super excited about finding out who wins Season 20: Heroes v Villains. Gareth and I love Survivor and I've loved it from the moment it first aired back in....

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