Game On Game: Ninjump


Ninjump is a quick and simple smart phone game where you have to get as high up a wall as possible. With games like this I always wonder, how high can you go? Does the game ever run out or do they make some algorithm where i....

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Post Markit Wrap


Yesterday was MARKit at Fed Square and it seemed all of Melbourne was out and about. A few times as I looked out from my stall it felt like a river of people streaming by. I had lovely spot next to Me and Amber (yes I did ge....

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Off They Go


Living in an isolated country like Australia I think everyone had experienced a good friend or family going to live on the other side of the world. I did it to my family when I was 17 years old and let's not mention Gareth's....

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Exhibition - Ears: Head Space


Gareth and I went to the opening of Ears 'Head Space' exhibition at No Vacancy Project Space at Federation Square last week. It was a cold night and by the time we rocked up there wasn't any booze left but there was some pre....

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Roller Derby: Your Next Night Out


A few weeks ago we took part in a market stall at the second bout for the Victorian Roller Derby League. I went along with my family to a bout over a year ago and decided that Dead Ringer Rosies were my team as they had a pl....

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Birthday Bonanza


Last month we had a newsletter competition and we asked what type of card do you most use. It seems birthday was the clear winner and we started adding more birthday cards to our range. When it comes to designing cards I see....

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Markit @ Fed Square: Sunday 29Th May


We are super excited about participating in MARKit in just over a weeks time, have you seen the lineup, it is pretty amazing! Our stall is also right in front of a place that sells beer, so I'm sure I will be drinking all my....

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Cards We Will Never Make


So this morning we were reading the news story about an Australian singer holding hands (how very Lennon/McCartney!) with a rather young and famous musician from the US. Although this friendship is totally legit it got us th....

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