What We Would Get Each Other For Valentine's Day (If We Bothered With Gifts)


With Valentine's Day next week we had a bit of a think about what we would get each other as a gift. We don't usually bother with gifts and sometimes make handmade cards if we remember.

Gareth said he would get me these soaps from Digital Soaps on Etsy. I actually think this is something he would personally want for himself. We didn't have a gameboy growing up, but we had a poor mans version of it called Brick that only had a basic grey scale version of tetris. Our family got so addicted to it I would often find myself hidden under the bed so nobody knew I was in there playing it.

I almost got this print from Wonderbros for Gareth at Christmas time and discovered a whole world of redesigned film posters. I thought it was a fantastic idea, perfect for film lovers because it is a little unusual. Gareth already has the proper poster for the film and a t-shirt I got him for his birthday so it is nice to know there are still more thing things I can get him!