Nice Tan


When you are creating things it is always important to get feedback from other people during the creative process. The only problem is often when you're in the middle of creating you 'baby' your emotional brain isn't too good at dealing with criticism. I like to this that scientifically, with all your energy going into creating, your brain can't deal with much else, so the emotional side shuts down and you can't cope.

Often I find that when asking Gareth for feedback and getting criticism it feels a bit like this:

Me: Do you like my newborn baby?
Gareth: No, your newborn baby is very ugly. 

On the flip side, this is what he is having to deal with:

Me: Do you like this idea?
Gareth: Oh that's great. One thing though, maybe make that bit there bigger to emphasise it more. 
Me: Seriously, I hate you, don't ever tell me what to do again.

With this card, I had finished it, shown it to Gareth and he suggested that the guy would look good with a tan line. I think I may have said it would be too hard (any excuse!) knowing fine well it was a very good idea. I went back and changed it and he was right, it really did help make the card a lot better. As for the wording on the card, I spent a lot of time brainstorming ideas, writing down anything that came into my head.

So that is a little insight into the creative processes at Able and Game. Anna has a lot of ugly newborns and Gareth gets to deal with a petulant teenager. This guy is available to Etsy, perfect for the wet and wild person in your life.