Lambrusco Or Fruity Lexia


A few weeks ago Gareth and I took a trip to East Gippsland to visit the parents and get some fresh country air into our lungs. It was a lovely few days off spent watching the Brownlow Count (something we have not done in a l....

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Solo Date Night



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A Range Of Cards From Start To Finish


We recently had a teacher ask for some personalised cards to give out to her pupils and I realised it would be a good idea for a range of cards. The brief I gave myself was six cards that are bright, colourful and cute and wo....

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Heidi Date Day


Something Gareth and I have been meaning to do for ages is visit Heidi Museum of Modern Art in Bulleen. We started stocking the gift shop with our cards, so whenever we had an order to send I would suggest driving out there. ....

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For those of you in or around Bendigo we have some exciting news that is Bendigo related! Firstly on the 17th of September we will be getting up early and heading over for The Square Market at the Town Hall. We are looking ....

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Doing An Interstate Market


In July we participated in Brisbane Finders Keepers, our sixth interstate market. I realised this was the first time everything went smoothly and was really stress free but to get to that point I think I made every mistake po....

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An Ode To Winter


It's time to space bag the doona suit because winter is over. Eight months ago when Gareth and I arrived in Scotland it was -8 C,  so this Melbourne Winter hasn't felt too cold. Add to that a new place that often doesn'....

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It's Always Time For Gin And Tonic


Gareth and I would call ourselves connoisseurs of gin. It started many moons ago when Gareth would go to New Zealand every few months and get duty free Bombay Sapphire. Starting out on good gin means I don't much like anythi....

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