It's Always Time For Gin And Tonic


Gareth and I would call ourselves connoisseurs of gin. It started many moons ago when Gareth would go to New Zealand every few months and get duty free Bombay Sapphire. Starting out on good gin means I don't much like anything other than the good stuff and we also have a soft spot for the Tanqueray. I like it with lots of ice, plenty of lime and a decent tonic. Oh and someone else (Gareth) to make them for me. The last few days have been warm enough to dust off the gin bottle although we often follow the rule that anytime is time is gin time.

This card is available on Etsy and we will also have it at Rose Street Market on the weekend. We sold out of it last weekend after Gareth had wondered who would buy it on Friday night. I would buy it was a good enough answer and it seems others are thinking the same thing as me.