Mum Is Handy!


I know I've spoken before about how my Mum comes up with some pretty good card ideas. Today she was on MSN with a goldmine of an idea from her goldmind! I think this card is her subtle way of telling me the best Mother's Day....

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The Amazing Lace


Today was spent drawing and making new cards, printing off cards for a stockist opening in St. Kilda and photographing cards to put up on Etsy. The Little Shoes range only had four cards so I realised it was time to add some ....

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Fresh, Simple And Local


As Gordon Ramsay would say, fresh local ingredients cooked simply. Or he would just drop the f-bomb and call you a fatty. In any case this card is one of our more simple designs, direct and to the point. Able and Game also ha....

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Marie Antoinette


I've been creating a few A5 prints and adding them to the Able and Game range. This one is called Marie and is available in the Etsy shop. I saw the Sofia Coppola film last year and thought the outfits were pretty amazing, ....

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Technotronic, the late '80s early '90s electronic house act made famous for the song Pump Up The Jam came from Belgium, famous for their beer (Palm or Hoegaarden thanks!), Frietjes, actors and chocolate. This Able and Game bi....

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Dif-Tor Heh Smusma


I told someone I just met about this card the other weekend, turned out they were also a Star Trek fan. They told me I need to watch Next Gen, I told them nothing would ever beat Voyager. Although apparently Data is a good Se....

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Ideas From Mum


The design concept for this card came from my Mum, who often likes to come up with ideas for cards and products. She said it might be nice to make a card that siblings would give their Mum together and came up with the idea f....

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I Love You Mum


When Gareth came home from work yesterday I showed him this card and he said "that is lovely, really cute". I think he likes how he looks like a little boy and also an adult. I like how he is a bit dorky and is holding a bunc....

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