That Guy In The Yellow Jacket


I was going through my folders of old drawings and found this guy and wondered why he didn't end up on a card. I redrew him with a smashing yellow jacket and sexy eyes. When it came to the copy the guy kinda of spoke to me, ....

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It's Been On The Cards


We made some Ha Ha Ha 30 cards over a year ago for a friend's birthday (yes, when he turned 31 we gave him the same card with a one scribbled after the three) and we made a Ha Ha Ha 40 after a few requests. We then started g....

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Bad Hair Day


In late 1995 I came to school and decided a haircut was in order. I told my friend to cut it off at the ponytail during homeroom and I think about 6 inches came off leaving me with shoulder length hair. A few things I rememb....

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Cards We Will Never Make


If you're in Australia* enjoying you're Queen's Birthday holiday I hope you're having a lovely day. Public holidays and long weekends are fun because when it gets to Sunday night you think, wait I get a whole extra day to bu....

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We have been selling note cards at our market stalls for well over a year and have finally got them up on Etsy. We have three different styles including these thank you birds. The note cards are perfect for a little message ....

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Get Some Yummy Food Into Your Tummy


Some exciting things are happening at Rose Street this weekend. Firstly the kitchen will have a resident chef, Dan Vaughan who was in the Masterchef top 50 and has a regular stall at Rose Street. He will be cooking up some M....

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