What do you think is inside the present? I'm guessing it is a box of chocolates but it also looks about the same size as a book and I remember we once got my Dad a Max Walker book, I think it was How to Hypnotise Chooks. Gar....

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This card came about after a customer requested something music related on a card for Father's Day as her daughter had the same passion for music as her father. When I was thinking of what to do for the album covers all I co....

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Gareth Got Game


These are things that I like today:Pikelets for breakfast (got the idea after reading Nikkishell's blog yesterday)I Can Has Cheezburger updatesJohn Carpenter films arriving in the mailThis Able and Game Get Well Soon card by ....

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Pretty In Pink Or St. Elmo's Fire?


Gareth and I were watching The Amazing Race last week and Victor was telling Tammy that the other teams were going to bring their A game, so they needed to bring their A+ game. We thought it was funny because we didn't think ....

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You Still Look As Good As The Day I Met You


I've had this photo of my Dad and I on our fridge for a little while now, I'm not sure how old I am in the photo, but I'm guessing a few days or weeks old. After seeing it enough times I realised we could turn our You Still ....

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Groovy Papa


Is your Dad a groovy dude? The type of Dad that got you onto The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Nirvana and Fleet Foxes, the one who knows how to cook the best lasagne and always makes sure there is enough beer in the fridge an....

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Vote Dad Ftw!


When we were planning our Father's Day card ideas, we realised we could use some of the ideas from our Able and Game Mother's Day range. World's Best Dad features a winning Dad on the podium next to poor old second and third.....

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Dad Dad Dad!


Well it is time for Mum to move to the side and Dad to take over because next month, on Sunday June 21st, it is Father's Day in the USA, UK, Canada and about 45 other countries around the world. We already have a few Able an....

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