Rose Street Sale


We will be having a sale this Saturday at Rose Street. We have two sections, the sale section and the seconds section. The seconds are calendars, cards and tea towels and the sale is what we remembered to bring because we have not done a market in 3 weeks and forgot how it's done.

There is nothing that wrong with any of the seconds they are just not super duper perfect. If you plan on using your tea towel as an actual tea towel some of the print/linen imperfections will probably end up with stains anyway from that time in the not to distant future when your Father In Law spills red wine over the coffee table and it hits your new rug that you pretended was really expensive to impress your Mother In Law but it actually came from hard rubbish.

Rose Street is only on on Saturday at the moment, which is nice because we can now spend Sunday's scouting hard rubbish looking for fancy rugs.