Cats In The Living Room



Last month we took part in the first ever Cat Lovers Show in Melbourne. It was a huge event that sold out and we had a real blast chatting with some amazing cat lovers. We also designed some new products for the show including this Art Print. The design was going to be used with the text "I'm not going out tonight, I'm staying home with my cats" but I decided I liked it better with no text.

We still need to draw a design for this text, but we do have a design that says "I'm not going out tonight, I'm staying home with my cat" in both art print and card versions, after asking Instagram if we needed to have both option available, or if one (cat or cats) could cover both. I think my favourite comment was to just have cats because people with only one cat always wants more.

The cats in the living room design is available as an Art Print and also as a Greeting Card.