Masterchef Australia Recap S10e59 Sunday Night


Welcome to the Sunday Night Masterchef Australia Recap. Tonight's episode sees the Ben, Jess and Sashi compete for a spot in the semi final. Only two are going through to join Khanh on Monday night. Who will be going home tonight?



They are still in Sydney and they are on a boat on the harbour. They spot a giant ship, which really looks like a medium sized party boat and hop on board.



George tells them they can cook whatever they want. They work out who wants puds and who wants non puds. Jess is puds, Sashi and Ben non puds. They are staggering the starts and George asks who wants to go first. Ben puts up his hand. Someone forgot the knife block.
And possibly even the vinyl cutting machine they use to put words and numbers on the knife.

Today they won't just be cooking for the judges, but four professional chefs.



The judges ask Ben what he is doing and he says the same stuff I always do. Fish and a liquid that is full of flavour.


Sashi is making his national dish, Chicken and Rice. One of the professional chefs has eaten this in Singapore so is an expert on it. Sashi is worried, he wanted no experts tasting this dish. The chef listens to what Sashi is doing and tells him not to forget the good bits of the chicken, the dark meat. Sashi nods and then says to the camera is will only be serving breast.



Jess isn't enjoying the waves. They are not helping with things like important measurements.


Sashi is worried his hot sauce will blow the judges heads off. He makes another batch and it isn't blowy enough. He mixes them together and gets the perfect sauce.


The judges taste Ben's fish dish, with two types of fish and one carrot. They are all impressed with this.



Sashi's dish has a lot of crispy chicken skin on it and Gary tells every this is their JAM.

The judges taste Sashi and they are all annoyed they didn't get a drummy. It also transpires they are all experts on this dish and it didn't deliver.


Jess is moving very fast to get her mega plate of elements finished. It's inspired by other words, maybe Jupiter, maybe Saturn. Whatever planet has the rings.

There is a lot of making things and whizzing them in the processor, and mixing ingredients that I have no idea what they are. She makes an iso-something, then whizzes it, then puts it in a circle then into the oven and it all turns into weird balls which is wrong. They look like they are from the planet with the rings. Jess decides she needs to make a tuile instead and whips one up with minutes to go. It doesn't cook in time, which is no bother because her flavours don't work together and they send her packing. SAD FACE.


The second part of the show is a LOL MASTERCLASS where the judges cook (not Matt) and my life stream cracked it and all I saw was Khanh eyeballing George and Gary flapping in the pantry for half the cook. I will need to rewatch this later because this looks like LOTS OF FUN.

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