Masterchef Australia Recap S10e55 Sunday Night


Welcome to the Able And Game Sunday Night recap of the mystery box/invention test challenge.

Well, it is finally here. FINALS WEEK. After almost 6 months in a food based captivity, Khanh, Jess, Chloe, Sashi and Ben are almost at the end. They can taste it! What exactly can they taste? They can taste the fact that 4 of them will be crowned losers because there can only be one winner. Unless you watched Olive Oil Guy and Reynold from last week, they seemed like winners and they didn't win so success is what you make of it, or bake of it. Or something to do with food. Success is what you eat for breakfast.

With tonight's mystery boxes we are going on a walk down memory lane. They will be cooking with mystery boxes from previous years because why not phone it in on finals week? They show footage of these old mystery boxes and Matt Preston's hair as he carries in THE BIG BOX looks big, yet the big box looks normal sized.


The recycled mystery boxes are:

The tiny box - Chloe
This box has quail and tiny vegetables and mustard seeds.

The big box - Khanh
This box has tomahawk steak and big veg.

The burnt box - Ben
This box has ash on cheese, pineapple, ribs, eggplant.

The molecular box - Jess
Weird shit and chocolate.

The shit box. Sorry, the silver box - Sashi
Silverside, silver fish, silver beet and a mystery can of something.


Whoever wins will get to go straight to a special cook on Tuesday to win an advantage.

They start cooking, they are making:
Ben - ribs in the pressure cooker and everything hinges on them
Jess - Weird stuff with the fancy things, possibly liquid nitrogen soup
Chloe - Burnt jus
Sashi - Muddy jus
Khanh - not the steak because his Mum will kill him if he doesn't cook it right





Note: Chantilly cream is whipped cream. And sugar. And vanilla.



Chloe scrapped her burnt sauce because Matt told her that he and George and Gary would be able to taste the burnt parts because they have magic tasting muscles in their mouths called tongues. She made mayonnaise instead and her dish is good.

Sashi didn't serve a sauce so his dish wasn't a complete dish. Gary did not flip the table in disgust and they liked his dish.


Jess's weird lumps and bumps and dehydrated things is great.

Khanh's dish is a bridging dish, which is a dish you would eat between mains and pud. It is beetroot and berries and the judges love it.

Ben has made ribs with a pineapple salsa and a sticky pineapple sauce and the judges cover themselves in sauce they love it so much.









Invention Test

The producers phoned this one in too. Just cook us whatever. Use whatever. They are calling it "no rules", producers are calling it "RDO today, get work experience kid to figure it out".

Sashi is making a dessert.
Jess is making a blackberry negroni inspired dessert.
Chloe is making mousse in a log.
Khanh is making a dessert that is an experiment into how much the judges love pork crackling.


They are all taking big risks.

Sashi is making a dessert and this isn't his strength.

Jess is unsure if she will get her negroni flavours right.

Chloe is making a big brown log filled with brown sludge.

Khanh is doing roast pork as a dessert.


Ben is up in the gantry like king cook and declares today BEST DAY EVA!


Chloe's dessert is good. Her log has moss on it, made with sponge that has kale in it.


Jess's negroni dessert is too sweet.

Sashi's dessert doesn't hit the mark but they like some elements.



Khanh's roast pork dessert is a triumph.



Khanh wins and will be cooking off against Ben on Tuesday for some special advantage.

Chloe, Sashi and Jess will be cooking in tomorrow night's pressure test.






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