Like, Sydney!


We are back from a busy week in Sydney participating in Life Instyle. A pretty swish four days where we get to meet with lots of lovely shop owners and look at loads and loads of really lovely products. Sydney is a bit of a magical place in my eyes because you know so much about it, especially in film and TV (Lantana and Love my Way are two that stand out) that when you go there all this stuff you know from make believe is around you in real life.

I got to stay in a very lovely place in Paddington that had a cat and a herb garden as well as spend time with creative, interesting and inspiring people. I also had a wee celebrity spotting and can offer this advice: when going on the "hunt" for a celebrity don't discuss your spotting plan while they are sitting in front of you. You will sound like a bit of a dick. I wish I played it cool like the guy in our new card above that my sister came up with. He wouldn't have even cared if he saw someone famous.