This Weekend In Canberra: Undercurrent Market


Today I'm flying up to Canberra for the Undercurrent Market at The National Portrait Gallery. Sadly we have to leave right afterwards to come back for Markit on Sunday. I would have liked a nice weekend in the nation's Boss C....

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Beautiful Wrapping Paper Workshop - This Saturday


I've been busy the last few days preparing for my workshop this Saturday at Colour Box Studio. The class will be over 4 hours and we will be starting with a foundation of drawing techniques. Although it sounds a little dull i....

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What We Have Been Reading


AnnaI read America Psycho a few months back after reading Easton Ellis twittering about what Patrick Bateman would be like now. The book is disturbing in so many ways and reminded me a lot of his other book Less Than Zero. I ....

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Moreland Summer Show


I'm taking part in this exhibition that opens on Thursday. I posted about the artwork on the blog a few weeks ago and posted this pic of the back of the artwork on Instagram. All well and good but now people will see the real....

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When I drew this guy for the card I had an idea that he would be leaning against the wall. What I didn't have in mind was that semi smug look on his face. You tell him he is amazing and he nods in agreement. You tell him his ....

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Brisbane Finders Keepers - This Weekend


Guess what is on this weekend? Finders Keepers Brisbane. It's the first Spring Summer Brissy Finny K we have done and we are looking forward to seeing what Brisbane does in months not beginning with a J as that's the only tim....

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Oh Hello You


Sometimes all you need is a cat and a wedding dress and your day is set.....

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