Melbournalia has officially opened at a great new location at the Vic Market. It features products that are all made locally in Melbourne many with Melbourne themed products.

Here are a few fun facts about Melbournalia:

1. Dale, Jenny and Alasdair who run it are really lovely and friendly and super passionate about Melbourne.

2. There is a street mural on the wall. I only saw an 'in progress' shot when I dropped off stock and it looked pretty good then.

3. They are open till 10pm on Suzuki Night Market nights, perfect for escaping a bit of the hustle and bustle of all the Sangria drinking people for a few moments.

4. They are selling a scarf that says Abruzzo Club on it (I'm guessing it's Otto and Spike). I wonder if it also has the Abruzzo clock/themomoter that thinks we are living on Mars.

5. They made all the displays from found objects at the market. That card display below is from Cherry Boxes. It looks amazing.