You Are Totes Going To Love This Card


We are back in the swing of things here at Able and Game and that means one thing at this time of year. Valentine's Day. It is a bit of a groan inducing day for some but it is also a bit of a guilty pleasure. There is something about romance and love that is always interesting and I love hearing stories about dates, relationships and anything like that in general. Some aspects of Valentine's Day is a bit blerg (I don't get the plush devil toys) but I just pretend it doesn't exist and image dorky guys making big declarations of love in front of all their work mates about Maureen in HR. This guy in the card above would not be doing that. He would just have girls fall over him in a Pablo Picasso kind of way. It's not until 5 weeks after dating him, after facebook stalking him with your Mum, that this conversation transpires:

Darling, I didn't know bald rocks your world.
What are you talking about?
(finger pointing to head)
Oh, I didn't even realise. Or care because guess what Mum, I'm in luurrrrrve.

Oh love, the chemicals are awesome.