The Mother's Day Card Inspired By The Meal I Hated As A Kid


funny mothers day card featuring mum holding a tuna casserole and the text looking back, tuna casserole was actually one of my favourite meals by the card makers at able and game

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Growing up tuna casserole was one of my most loathed meals. It was a burden my brother and sister and I bore with much complaint and sourpuss faces.

Why would our Mum torture us with food of all things?

😒 <- sourpuss teen face

When I moved out of home and went to art school Mum asked what dish I wanted when I was coming for the holidays.

"Tuna Casserole please."

Then my sister requested it as a birthday dinner (I know, from zero to hero right??) and I'm sure my brother asked for it too.

😁<- My Mum's I-may-not-have-won-the-battle-but-I won-the-war face

I then told someone this story thinking it was both funny *and* unique. Joke was on me because they said they did the same thing, they also hated tuna casserole (or maybe they called it the more classy tuna mornay?) but craved it once they left home.

I decided to combine scientific research and art to find out if it was just my family and the other person who had this tuna revelation by making a greeting card and seeing if other people would buy it. THEY DID. And the stories people would tell me mirrored my own. This is why I love making greeting cards, hearing these stories.

This year I've given it a refresh and if you zoom in you might notice the background pattern is teeny tiny macaroni.


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funny mothers day card by able and game about how I hated tuna casserole as a kid



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