Masterchef Australia Recap S10e51 Monday Night


Hello and welcome to the recap for Masterchef Australia's Pressure Test.


Tonight things are getting weird. I think they got the definition of surprises wrong. This season isn't the season of surprises, it's the season of weirdness. Tonight, Ben, Jess and Samira are competing for their place in the competition and they need to cook a dish made by Joe Grbac. They don't get to see it, or taste it, or even get the recipe. They need to cook it based on a review written by no longer writing food reviews Matt Preston.



Matt starts reading his review. Matt describes his review as paltry but florid seems more apt.


Gary tells them they have three hours to cook the dish.


When Matt starts reading the review Ben starts doing what can only be described as a tense head panic shudder.

Jess says reading isn't her strength. She had no idea what is going on.








Like almost every challenge, Jess splits something. Like always, she fixes it by mixing it up. But she starts to have a bit of a mindmelt.

Chloe yells out some positive vibes only from the gantry.


Ben is now feeling the pressure.

Samira has made a lovely sorbet. Surely she can't be going home???





Ben's panna cotta is a two toned alien life form. Surely he is going home? He says it looks revolting and this is a main element.

Jess suddenly turns things around and is doing really well. Thank goodness she breathed!

Samira's panna cotta is not set. She blast chills it and it is still not set.

Ben is now just putting whipped cream and yoghurt on the plate, because CREAMY ELEMENT. Reece tells us what we already know, he is worried because it isn't the exact element. But has he seen the alien life form panna cotta up close on HD TV like we have? Do they get a TV screen in the gantry??



Jess has done an amazing job and all her elements are pretty good.

Samira's is a melty mess and although her sorbet is amazing is it good enough?

Ben's dish is good, it has a good balance of flavour. But he forgot the jubes and his creamy yoghurt concoction, although it was quick thinking, wasn't the correct element.

The judges tell us it was EASY AS to pick the loser, which seems weird because both Ben and Samira stuffed up or forgot elements. Ben forgot 2 out of 7 elements.

Samira is going home because I don't know why and I'm sad because she was my favourite to win.