Masterchef Australia Recap S10e48 Wednesday Night


Welcome to Able and Game's Wednesday Night recap of Masterchef Australia. Tonight is a service challenge of epic proportions.


Sashi and Chloe are the last two standing in survival week.. They're at the Panama Dining Room in Fitzroy and are contractually required to cook a main course and dessert for 30 people. On their own. With 2.5 hours prep. They also need to go to Coles and buy their protein and a hero ingredient for pud. But first they need to pick a protein with George, the barrel boy. Chloe gets meat and Sashi gets seafood. Matt and George will be tasting tonight, no Gary because he is RUNNING THE KITCHEN. Claws are out guys, watch out.


They run down the road to Coles and Sashi asks what fish is fresh. Chloe asks an attendant for pork. She needs pork! She decides to go with the most Mastercheffy cut of pork, the belly! Sashi is going with snapper because he likes it.

They are back in the kitchen and begin prepping. Sashi starts on dessert and has allowed 60 minutes to complete his tasks. Chloe drops around 30 packs of pork belly on her bench. Matt and George will be happy with this, Gary will assume it was done on purpose to make him jealous. She then uses the smallest saxa shaker to cover each belly in pork.


Sashi starts getting stressed. He can see the piano player getting ready to play chaotic piano music and he doesn't know how the dance goes, he needs to get moving if he is ever going to learn this dance. He has allocated 60 minutes for dessert and he has now gone 30 minutes into unallocated for dessert time. He needs to hurry up.



Chloe's salty pork is putting Gary right off. He is freaked out every time he sees it.
Matt and George come over to tease Gary and bit and ask what his chefs are cooking. Gary talks about them like they are not there but when Chloe answers his question immediately it is clear they are able to here his rundown of all the ways they could possibly fail. George and Matt do not look impressed with Chloe's salty pork. They like the look of Sashi's sorbet.


Sashi starts speed cutting his fish and you wonder if there is going to be an accident. No, wait, if there was Ten would have given that away in the previews days ago. Sashi's digits are safe. But is the fish safe? Will there be scales and boney bits. Sashi doesn't know because he doesn't have time to check with Gary breathing down his neck.

We cut to the dining room and George and Matt are sat up opposite each other like an awkward first date and it is glorious.


Mains Tasting

Sashi's fish has bones and scales, but it tastes good. But it is small. Matt says it must be a 500 calorie day meal.

Chloe's pork belly is, thankfully, not too salty. But her broth is blerg. The mushrooms are lovely and have a slippery mouth feel.

Matt and George decide it is neck and neck.


They start prepping puds and Chloe is making a tuile. Her main element is a mousse which has set.

Sashi's goat's curd cheesecake thing with a base made from digestive biscuits hasn't set. I'm wondering if Kristen is watching, thinking she can get her shit to set in the NT heat, and he can't even get it to set in a Melbourne kitchen.

Chloe is doing mandarin segments but she can't be bothered taking the seeds and stuff off them, she doesn't have time.

Sashi's sorbet is slipping all over the plate, because that is what sorbet does on a plate.

Dessert Tasting

Sashi's plate arrives and the judges ask what happened. The women serving says it wasn't her doing. Matt and George talk about how ice cream needs something to sit in so it doesn't wibble wobble on the plate. What? Just pile it up in a bowl and you're fine! They like it, but the fact that the ice cream dared move around on the plate isn't good. Matt also says he thought he was going to be going on a cheesecake adventure and feels let down.

Chloe's dessert is good, simple. But they are peeved she didn't take the skin of the mandarin segment. Not the skin skin, the bits around the segments you eat. Chloe isn't an animal, she peeled the mandarins.


I'm not sure how she did it, but Chloe has managed to win. I think that Sashi's free spirit ice cream and lack of cheesecake adventure is what did it. Oh and the fish scales and bones. They said Chloe made less errors but tasteless broth seems like a big error to me.

Chloe has now won the SUPER POWER. The super power means she can opt out of any tasting she wants. Matt says this is good because she can sometimes cook shit food. And she knows when she cooks shit food, so next week when she cooks shit food she can say hey, don't eat this shit and will be safe.

I now leave you with one of my favourite pictures I've ever created in regards to Masterchef:


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