Masterchef Australia Recap S10e42 Tuesday Night


Hello and welcome to Able And Game's recap for Masterchef Australia's Immunity Pin Challenge.


Samira, Kristen, Khanh and Brendan were all competing to win a pin. Samira especially wanted one to rub it in the eyes of Sashi and Reece, the bling boys who apparently laud their pins over everyone, strutting round the kitchen, showing them off.

First round is a cook with only 5 ingredients and 10 minutes. Gary said he suggested 15 minutes but then they realised it all felt a bit too Jamie Oliver. Because he wrote this book. And this book.

The selecting of the ingredients doesn't count towards the 10 minutes, that would have been a third kicker that would have sent them over the edge.

masterchef australia recap

They start cooking and everyone is using seafood. Kristen has chosen mussels because they cook quickly. Khanh is using pipis because they cook quickly. Brendan and Samira have chosen prawns because they cook quickly. However mussels and prawns take time to prepare, otherwise they are beardy or poop shooty.


masterchef australia recap





masterchef australia recap



masterchef australia recap

The judges taste the dishes and George is shuddering at Samira's poop chute.

They are also unimpressed Kristen left a closed muscle in her dish.And beards on the mussels.

Khanh and Brendan have made the best dishes and they decide Khanh can go into round two.

He is introduced to his chef, Ashley Davis, who won a Michelin star. How can Khanh compete with this?

He is offered a pantry that has no flavour, then a smaller hidden pantry that he can have, for 15 minutes off his cooking time. Will he risk it? He does and it turns out the hidden pantry is full of flavour.


masterchef australia recap

Khanh is cooking duck and Ashley is cooking fish.

masterchef australia recap

Khanh gets a lot of solicited advice from Shannon (because it is his job).

Ashley gets a lot of unsolicited advice from the gantry.

masterchef australia recap



The judges are WOWed by Khanh's dish. The sauce is good, the duck is perfectly cooked.

The judges are SUPER WOWED by Ashley's dish. It has a garnish on there that is just for show (abalone shell) and the judges don't even mind, despite it being inedible. Gary realises he has rated the previous dish high and he will now have to rate this one high because that is how rating works.

"that was some of the best duck cooking we've seen in the kitchen"
Gary - 9 George - 8 Matt - 8

"you brought us a dish that was white, bright and delicious"
Gary - 9 George - 9 Matt - 9

Despite losing Khanh is on a roll, and he should be proud.


masterchef australia recap