Masterchef Australia Recap S10e41 Monday Night


Hello and welcome to the recap for Masterchef Australia's Elimination Challenge.

You might be thinking I forgot something, what about last night's episode? Due to being home at my parent's houseI only saw 5 minutes of the episode as I needed to gets kids to sleep. After a 4 hour drive across Victoria today with a very Masterchef friendly lunch at a fine establishment my son likes to called Old McDonalds I decided to leave that element off the plate and motor on.

Tonight Chloe, Jess and Sarah were competing for their place in the comp and the last few weeks it feels like they have been in every pressure test.

Matt tells everyone good food doesn't only come from posh places like this is new information and we are all poor fools who don't know any better.


masterchef australia recap


Tonight they are cooking Saransh Goila's butter chicken.

George asks Jess in a patronising way if she has ever eaten butter chicken.
Mate, it's basically her favourite food to eat.

What about you Sarah?
Mate, she's had quite a lot of BAD butter chickens.

After Chloe, Sarah and Jess have tasted the dish Matt and Gary get in there and slop up the rest, with Saransh watching in the background, somewhat unimpressed.



masterchef australia recap


Sarah decides to go into this pressure test not reading the full recipe, because she doesn't have time. I feel like this is the warning bell for going home.

Then Sarah starts a fire because she didn't take the fat off the chicken before putting it on the hibachi grill. In the promo advert for this episode the fire alarms went off, yet this did not happen on the TV.

masterchef australia recap



Gary starts asking Sarah why she is stressed. Saransh tells everyone they still have so many elements.
More usefull comments are made:

"still a lot to do yeah?"
"Come on, just keep going, keep pushing"
"it always looks easy, when you try and do it. Disaster"
"that's it, multitasking, let's go!"

masterchef australia recap


Gary needs to wipe his hands and uses the tea towel tied in Jess's apron. Gross.

They finish cooking and the judges try the dishes. Saransh has decided Chloe's is as good as his.

Sarah's has a charry taste, not a smoky taste because of the fat left on the chicken. Which Gary doesn't mind.

Jess's is bland. And course, in both texture and flavour.

In the end Sarah is going home and Chloe is declared the Chloeliminator and she gets Terminator sunnies and is asked to speak like Arnold Schwarzenegger from now on, something she says makes her feel uncomfortable.

masterchef australia recap