Masterchef Australia Recap S10e24 Thursday Night


Welcome to the Able And Game recap of the Masterchef Australia Tuesday Night Elimination Challenge.

Tonight last night's Blue Team consisting of Khanh, Jenny, Aldo, Jess, Sarah, Ben, Chloe and Brendan are competing FOR THEIR LIVES. They walk in and there is a bunch of dead stuff in a counter and they really start to worry FOR THEIR LIVES.

Jess is nervous, she was hoping for dessert and she can see a lot of meat. She is not interested in meat, only sugar.

Brendan tells us Masterchef is a mind game.

George tells us knowledge is power.

Today’s elimination challenge will run over two rounds.

Round One: What meat is that?
Round Two: The 4 people who don’t know what meat is that will learn more about meat by cooking it.

Khanh has this because his Mum owns a butcher’s shop. If he doesn't have this his Mum will kill him.

Curtis Stone is here for today’s challenge and he is really into meat. And Coles.

The big man enters, Ben tells us all the women go weak at the knees. Chloe tells us she never thought Curtis was attractive until she saw him in person. This is a meat challenge remember.

Apparently butchery isn’t a big thing in the US, where Curtis runs two restuarants, one of them with its own butcher. How are they cutting their meat up?

Round One:
The first four to guess incorrectly go through to round two. They draw knives to determine meat guessing order and Jess is sad she is last.

Jenny – Lamb rack
Khanh – Lamb Shank
Brendan – Lamb Neck (brave choice)
Aldo – Pork Belly
Chloe – Chicken Tenderloin
Sarah – Chorizo
Ben – Pork Chop
Jess – Maryland
Khanh – Tripe
Jenny – Chicken Drumstick
Brendan – Black pudding
Aldo – Pork Fillet
Chloe – Pork Sausage? Pork and fennel sausage? NO and NO. Curly Snag is still in play.
Sarah – Porchetta WRONG She realises its pancetta.
Ben – Rissoles

masterchef australia recaps

Jess THEY ALL LOOK THE SAME. Pork Thigh? NO! (it looked trotterish)

(note: there is still a chicken breast there, this seems an easy one?)
Jenny – Porterhouse
Khanh – Brisket
(He’s going to risk it for the brisket, but not risk it and make a Limp Bizkit pun. Fred Durst is disappointed)
Brendan – He’s going to attempt to correctly name Chloe’s curly snag.
Bratwurst? WRONG!

It’s a freaking Cumberland you snag hating weirdos.

masterchef australia recaps

Round Two:
They are cooking with one of Curtis’s favourite cuts of beef, A Rib Of Beef.
It is also known in Australia as Rib Eye or Scotch Fillet.
They’re going to have to break one down. (internal monologue: Oh, Jess is going home)

Aldo is turned on by Curtis cutting meat.

Jess tells Brendan she has no idea what just happened after Curtis meat cutting demo. She needs to chat to Aldo, who I am sure could give her a blow by blow account.

They have 75 minutes. TIME STARTS NOW!

What’s at steak? One of you will go home!
How high are the steaks? Really High!

Curtis asks the judges what they would make if they were in this challenge.

Gary says he would go old school, Grandmere. With lardons and bacon and Matt tells him he is safe.

George would make the most incredible beef tartare, with half of it smoked and half raw, but it would be interesting, yeah? Matt doesn’t tell him he would be safe.

Curtis would cook the Spinales cut with chimichurri sauce. Simple, safe, delicious. Matt doesn’t tell him he would be safe. He needed more LARDONS!

masterchef australia recaps

Despite writing several cookbooks and having a column in a food mag (not Delicious Mag, the other one that currently has a dish covered in potato gems on the cover), nobody asks Matt what he would cook.

Jess is making beef salad. She wants the eye fillet but is finding the meat confusing.

Sarah is going to do a rib eye with the bone in, salsa verde and corn.
Curtis tells Sarah that everyone thinks you only need to rest the meat at the end, he suggests she rest her meat multiple times during the cook.

Brendan is doing a Mauritian dish.


Chloe is doing Dan Dan Noodles and is making noodles from scratch. It’s like Chinese bolognaise.

Curtis asks how she is going to hero the dish and she responses multiple times with MINCING!

masterchef australia recaps

Curtis is NOT IMPRESSED. Scotch fillet is a premium cut! Chloe doesn’t care what Curtis thinks, she is mincing.
Chloe later says it is a huge risk.

Curtis tells George what he thinks of each dish and is clearly unenthused about Chloe’s mincing of a premium cut. George is not bothered.

masterchef australia recaps

Curtis tells George that Brendan is cooking the Spinales so he is happy because this is his favourite cut.
Jess is using eye fillet on a salad which will work.
Sarah’s is a danger dish because she could undercook or overcook it.

George tells Sarah everything needs to be impeccable. Over and over.
Impeccable! YES
Impeccable! YEP
Impeccable! HELP

Jess is making a deep friend pastry thing which she cooks attached to a bowl in a wok full of oil. I know three men who will like this cruncyh element.

masterchef australia recaps

Jess says she is worried her sweet palate might not work well when making her dressing.
Reece confirms this.
The judges are going to moan about the dressing.

Brendan, a man with a penchant for hand injuries, shoves his hand into the fry pan to press down on the steak. Khanh tells us Brendan has left the cooking of the meat late.

Sarah cuts into her giant steak and it is perfectly cooked.

6 minutes to go!

Brendan opens his steak and it is blue. STICK IT IN THE MICROWAVE.

Jess realises her dressing is overly sweet. But it is too late now. Times up.

Brendan has continued cooking his steak but what he plates up still look raw.

Chloe’s dish looks like your Nanna’s spag bog when she forgets tomato puree is a key ingredient.

Sarah’s dish looks amazing.


Sarah is now calling her meat Cote de boeuf. It has stepped up a notch.

Matt asks how would she feel if your good friend beef sent you home? SAD, and friends and family would give her shit.

Curtis says there is nothing more beautiful than a giant piece of meat like that.

George serves the corn upright on the plate. Gary’s falls as he yanks it toward himself at breakneck speed.
Gary laughs as Curtis gets another bit of meat. He is one of US Gary thinks.
The meat is cooked to perfection.

He is happy with the sauce and chutney but knows the steak is borderline. At least it’s had enough time to rest while Sarah’s dish was being tasted.

Gary says the steak IS BLUE. BLUE HOO!
Brendan says he gave up a lot to be here.
The judges like everything except the undercooked steak.

Curtis is still pissed at her mincing his precious scotch fillet and tells her it’s like her friend cutting her favourite dress.
The noodles are perfectly cooked.
George notes Curtis has an empty bowl. So, after two courses of food he is still hungry OR he liked them.

Matt says Chloe just said GRIND IT! She made great flavour, but they are still pissed.

The judges like some aspects but the flavours are out, there is a lot of hot and sweet but no sour and salty.


They’ve got a hard decision, who committed the biggest food sin? I think that will clearly go to undercooked steak.

We love your meat.

Didn’t hero the beef but nailed the flavour.
Note: her dish had two elements, beef and noodles.

No balance

Undercooked meat don’t impress us much.

Brendan is going home.


Brendan tells them not to cry and Jess is in a puddle of tears.

Jess hands him a tissue and he tells her he doesn’t need it.

Then he says he does. SAD FACE!

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masterchef australia recap