Help Out A Cute Bald Guy


This little guy has been getting a little bit of attention over at Etsy, in fact he has been entered into a beauty contest of sorts. The closest he has ever come to winning one was drawing the Community Chest card in Monopoly, coming second and spending the $10 to pay rent on someones Old Kent Road property.

Lucky this competition doesn't see him parading around in a swimsuit while Jennifer Hawkins, Roberto Cavali and Donald Trump Jr mark him on how big his smile is and how shiny his skin looks. You get to vote and let me tell you, there is some stiff competition. If you're a member of Etsy you can
vote, if not it doesn't take long to join. This little guy wants to parade around in a sash and let the world know he is beautiful!

I have drawn the Valentine's Day competition. In a weird twist, Alex, who won the comp I had last year won again with the blog comment, and Marie won the mailing list section. Thanks for everyone who entered!