Mummy Mcdonalds


Gareth and I worked out that over the years your Mum probably cooked you over 6000 meals. We thought that feat deserved its very own card to say thank you. Gareth said his favourite Mum meal was chicken in white sauce. One of my favourites was the Okinomiyaki my Mum made for Sunday night dinners. The main reason I liked it was because it meant my Dad wasn't making Fish Finger Stir Fry, the meal my Mum still raves about how fabulous it was. In my Dad's defence he did make a mean lasagna.

This is one of my favourite Able and Game cards, mainly because I enjoyed drawing all the food. The hamburger comes from a meal we used to have called Mummy McDonalds. Growing up in Gippsland, the closest McDonalds was about 2 hours away, so we didn't have it much. To make up for it Mum used to make home made hamburgers, including making all the bread rolls from scratch and called it Mummy McDonalds. I remember the rolls sitting up in front of the open fire proofing and getting all excited and we would often plead with her to make it for dinner on a regular basis.