I Think It Is Time...


... to talk Christmas Cards! I've been designing them the last few months and found it hard to not blog about them, but I think mid November is about the time you actually start thinking about who you're going to send cards to, particularly if you have friends and loved ones overseas. This card is a redesign of a well loved birthday card that translated well to a Christmas card, because how many times has the lack of AA's been the cause of disappointment on Christmas morning?

When coming up with which carol to use Good King Wenceslas seemed perfect. It is one of my favourites, although I always thought the words went "Good King Wencless last looked out, on the feast of Stephen". This cards is available on Etsy as well as at Rose Street Artist Market this Saturday and Sunday for those of you in Melbourne. And this weekend looks like it will be under 30 degrees. What a novelty!