Kitties And Barry!


Barry Manilow has a wardrobe even your cat is envious of! I turned this little drawing into a print, but someone requested it as a card at the Brunswick Sister's Market a few weeks ago, so now it is also a card. A card for what occasion I do not know, but any cards involving cats gets my tick!

Speaking of Sister's Markets, we will be at the St. Kilda Sister's Market this Saturday. It is at the St. Kilda town hall, on the
corner of Brighton Road and Carlisle Street from 10am-4pm. Then on Sunday we will be at the Hawthorn Craft Market, 358 Burwood Road, Hawthorn from 10am-3pm. We will also be at Rose Street on Saturday and Sunday and then on Monday we will be taking is super super easy as Sunday is a big birthday for me, so drinks will be had on Sunday night!