I Tues Tues Choose You!


Aaaah celebrities, they say the darndest things. And when romance is involved, well it just gets even better. Today's I Tues Tues Choose You comes from the ever delightful Katy Perry, who kissed a girl a whole 13 years after Jill Sobule. Katy is engaged to Russell Brand and came out with this delightful quote, which makes me wonder if she really thinks he is stupid.

What do you do with these nuggets of wisdom? Well we think you should turn them into greeting cards. This card makes Gareth confused as he thinks it sounds a bit mean, but I think it can also be nice it just depends on who you give it to. What do you think? Do you know someone it would be perfect for? We have put it up on our Etsy shop and will have it available at Rose Street Artist Market this weekend.