Op Shops


The best op-shop finds include but are not limited to the following:

  • Shoes that you like, that fit and they are not stale inside.
  • Tupperware with lid that doesn't smell like 4 month old cottage cheese.
  • Exactly what you want to wear to a fancy dress party, all for under $20
  • decent winter coat with pockets that don't have holes in them. Bonus points there is a $2 note in said pocket.
  • That birthday cake book. The old edition.
  • Ed Hardy tops that you can wear ironically while walking down Chapel Street.
  • A jigsaw puzzle that has cats on it and all the pieces.
  • A wedding dress (you never know when you will be invited to a Mamma Mia themed party.
  • The X-Files Boxed Set Volume 2 on VHS to complete your set.
  • A jumper with cats on it.
  • An exercise machine from the early '90s that looks like it will give you either permanent leg cramp or take an eye out.
  • The above card in a box with other cards with a funny, yet heartfelt message written inside.