Stuff, Cats And Whatnots


I think I'm going to turn drawing cats into a full time job. Benefits of drawing cats, I get to meet all the other cat obsessed people buying our cat cards. When people buy them I always say "do you like cats??" and then they start going on about their cats and I think to myself this is the best.

How ace are these cat gift bags from Wonderland Room from South Korea?

Other things on the interwebs:

Digital Wallpaper from Catalina Estrada.

Daniel Honan has blog, it is good.

Is your cat called lumpy?

We used to call this guy Stapler, back when we were big SVU fans.

We joined Instagram, like 2 years after everyone else. Our username is ableandgame.

Imagine you're a woman Bernard.

Bridbird is back with new ceramic work.

And what are you plans on the weekend?

We're heading to Ballarat this weekend for the Design Exchange market on Sunday. Gareth will be holding up the fort at Rose Street while I spend a few days in Daylesford to avoid getting up before 7am on Sunday. I'm looking forward to going back to my University town, even if it is just for the day.