Last Friday some magnets we ordered from StickyGram arrived in the post from the UK. I'd heard about them on a blog post I read a while back about different things you could purchase using images from Instagram. I think at the time I wasn't using Instagram so I wasn't that interested in them.

Since joining Instagram (and I have to admit it is now a firm favourite) the magnet idea stuck in my head so I thought I would order some. I got a mix of images I really love and then some funny ones as well as the manditory cat one and they are now stuck up on our fridge. I think they would be a perfect little gift for someone far away (pics of family for Mother's Day) as you can just ship directly to them.

My plan is to get another magnet of the image above (which I uploaded to Instagram) and then start one of those never ending sequences of images within images and blow my tiny mind.