Mum And Other Things


Mother's Day this Sunday. We've had some fun designing new cards and remembering that our Thanks For The Lift card was why we started this all in the first place. Our Gosh Darn Mum is also available on Etsy.

Eleanor at Kick and Screen has great screenprinting packs available on her Etsy site. Wanted to get into screenprinting but don't want to shell out on a gocco? This would be the way to do it.

Somehow I missed the viral train that is Fenton. I don't know how that happened but maybe you missed it too? If not I'm sure a rewatch will bring a smile to your face.

Did you ever want to be a food blogger just for a day? Now here's your chance.

Speaking of food, have you eaten at Colonel Tan's at Revolver Upstairs? We are doing the monthly market tonight and they have one of our favourite menus in Melbourne.

Hannakin does the Rose Street Market and her stuff is really really lovely. Gareth and I were swooning over it on Sunday (He has a print stuck up in his office). Cute illustrations with a bit of an edge (some had the swears, I love the swears!) Here is an interview with her at the Finders Keepers blog.

I loved this post by Emily from The Black Apple on exercise.  Often when you work from home or for yourself you can get stuck in a bit of a rut. You forget to take time out to do these things because you get "so so busy". It's always nice to hear from others going through the same thing.