Taping Rage


When I was in high school I was semi obsessed with getting as many 4 hour VHS as I could hide in the Saturday supermarket shop trolley and taping Rage. I would hang out for the Green Guide on Thursday to find out who was hosting, then on Saturday night I would set the VCR timer and spend Sunday watching to see if I had something good on my hands. I still have about 10 of them, The Cure Special being a pick of the bunch. Still embracing old technology, we still own a functioning VCR so I watch them sometimes, usually drunk while trying to impress guests while Gareth tells me to bin them.

Rage is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year and I caught a tiny bit of the 1987 – 1990 special on Saturday night. There are loads of songs that I still remember being favourites, one being Sylvester's You Make Me Feel (Mighty Real). I don't remember the original having the scenes of the people dancing at the disco, but they are great for the clothes and moves. I don't think you can have much more fun than dancing like a weirdo with your friends and all teenagers should to be exposed to the joy that is late '70s disco.