Deep Fried Charming Potato Blocks


Over the road from our office is an old school takeaway sandwich shop that has probably been around for 30 years. When we get lazy and don't pack a lunch we pop over to get something to eat, usually a sandwich but sometimes something from the 'hot' section. Gareth loves it because they are the type of place that when you ask for one potato cake you get 3 (Gareth covers his with vinegar and says they are the closest thing to 'Scottish Chips' available in Australia).

We drove past yesterday as they were closing up and I said to Gareth, wouldn't it be fun to have a take away shop where everything has a silly name. Gareth came up with the name for hot chips and there is a little nod to Flemish/Dutch and Scotland in there as well. When I showed Gareth the deep fried pizza drawing he told me that it should have been called Tasty Crispy Oil Sponge.