Winky Winky!


We have a new girl version of our lazy eye card. We have listed her on Etsy and she will be available the markets we are doing this weekend. We have been trying to add some opposite sex version to our range of cards as we are....

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I Read Your Zine, It Was A Dream!


A few weeks ago I was looking at the online Sticky Institute Shop via the Three Thousand Website. For some reason I didn't realise you could by the zines online so I went a bit hog wild and got a whole bunch. I set myself a b....

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Here Kitty Kitty


In recent years (the last 26 years?) I have been a bit cat crazy. When I was a kid I always got cat related gifts including books on how to look after cats, cat calendars, posters of kittens hanging off a branch and enlarged ....

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All The Things We Like About Brisbane


Gareth and I are back in Melbourne after our trip up to Brisbane for Finders Keepers. I was getting a little sick of the cold weather here in Melbourne so we spent a few extra days in Brisbane. I wanted to make the most of th....

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All Things Forgotton


The last few weeks have been a bit hectic around our way so the old blog has suffered a bit. I'm going to do a longer post with a bit more information on it to make up for the lack posts in the last little while.First up, we ....

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Card Sale


QUESTIONS?How much will stuff cost?CARD PRICES 1-2 cards $5 each 3 or more cards $4 each ART PRINT PRICES A5 print - $10 A4 print - $20 Will there be someone spruiking with a megaphone?Alas no.Will there be Christmas Cards?....

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Hello Sunshine!


I'm one of those annoying people that complain as soon as the weather gets below 20 degrees. Gareth always tells me to harden up because where he comes from 20 degrees is a heat wave. So when we found out we were going to Bri....

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Dear Terry Wogan


So this weekend is Eurovision weekend. All this talk of Eurovision made me realise that there are probably no cards out there that are Eurovision based, so I decided to make one. Coming up with the outfits was rather exciting....

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