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We use Instagram to for silly drawings, new products, behind the scenes pictures and other things in our lives. We don't post pictures of food we eat (but we love following people who post food) but we do post pictures of our cats. We also have an Instagram account just for them if you're really into cats.
Facebook has information on products, more silly drawings and information on events we do, like Finders Keepers and The Big Design Market. We also like to post links to fun things we see on the internet, which are often cat related.
We have a Pinterest page, but we still don't really get it. We have some boards that are related to things we love, food, cats and our baby. We also have some shots of our studio in a board called our pinterestable studio, however we are being very sarcastic because our office is 97% cardboard boxes and a couple of half dead plants.
Our newsletter goes out once a month and is very simple. It usually contains 5 or so silly drawings about things that are happening at that particular time. Some examples include fun facts about Valentine's Day, Fun facts about February 29th, and what to do with your excess hot cross buns after Easter.
We are often saying we should make fun little videos and upload them to You Tube but never get around to doing this, despite having fancy cameras attached to our phones. We have a few little videos on there, and hopefully we can add to it. Studio tours and what machinery we use are things we think people might like.
Our Twitter account is updated every few years* with new products that we have available.
*we are being realistic here.

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